Renewable Energy Projects

Singleton Press – Renewable Energy Projects

If you want some ideas about where to invest your newly found wealth, without getting into the stock market or low return savings plans such as annuities and 401Ks, you might like some of the ones we are launching. These projects have already been researched and formulated. The people behind these projects as of this date have already become millionaires in other ventures and these new opportunities are being offered to the Dinar and Bitcoin communities for faster expansion. Nearly all of these opportunities require your participation and a fair amount of traveling. You will need a U.S. Passport and we will help you obtain a second passport as needed.

Some projects are humanitarian but still produce profit and income. Many projects will return 12% to 36% and some will double your principal every 36 months. All funding is done through intermediaries, including escrow and under written agreements either as joint ventures, stock purchases or licensing. Some projects can be undertaken for $30,000 and others require anywhere from the equivalent of $250,000 to $1,000,000. We are operating through offices in Atlanta (191 Club), London (Dryland), Sophia and very soon, Singapore.

We will be using international corporations and have plans in place to work with appropriate law firms and local governments. If you want to be involved with any of these projects, we invite you to join our group. The cost of joining is $970 or 1 Bitcoin, and we will not accept new members after the Dinar revalues. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement (a real one we’ve used for many years, and not the ones that some people refer to in the Dinar community). Send an email to: and express your interest and we’ll send you the necessary information and documents.

Special Retail

These are for the benefit of underdeveloped regions around the world and include medical, textiles and services to local communities. We cannot disclose too much more but this is a very unique way of serving underdeveloped communities at very low cost to the people and doing it at a profit for the project. We will be involved in using renewable materials and methods including bamboo and hemp for textiles and manufacturing.

Community Redevelopment

There are underdeveloped communities in various regions that can substantially benefit from rebuilding structures and buildings in their communities, and upgrading water filtration systems, waste management, heat, energy and food production.


Housing involves residential homes and new building materials and we are including a reorganization plan for many communities in underdeveloped regions. We will be involved in renewable building materials and methods including bamboo.


An aspect of these ventures includes vehicles that use less than 10% of the fuel that similar vehicles use today, while we also provide our own insurance coverage.

Renewable Fuels

We have already completed one micro plant that is currently producing a special brand of biodiesel fuel that is not available anywhere. We will be producing other types of fuels as these projects get underway.

Recycling Redevelopment

We will be reorganizing the supply chain and manufacturing in the recycling industry in various small communities to make them more efficient and profitable.


We will be producing local, small scale and utility grid, large scale electricity using all renewable technology, that does not include solar panels, and does not include wind turbines. We expect to use net metering in nearly every situation and possibly renewable energy certificates to make these more profitable without increasing costs for consumers.


Because of travel requirements, we will be buying at least one travel agency, a jet or jet timeshare program and a yacht or create our own yacht sharing program and a list of ownership interests in several limousine companies. These will allow us to meet all of our travel needs at a profit so that traveling in luxury will never be an expense.

And the last two subjects are more concerned with the means to facilitate everything else.


There are a couple of deals right now that allow us to sit on the boards of banks in strategic locations so that we can create our own funding as needed.


We will be using a captured insurance strategy to cover all or most of our insurance needs for business, investing, travel, health and real estate.

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