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We serve the community of investors in the Dinar and BitCoin.  Many of our members have become millionaires because of BitCoin and will become new millionaires or billionaires because of the Dinar and BitCoin opportunities.  Because of unforeseen delays in the expected Dinar windfall, we help our members with their debt situations to minimize and eliminate related losses and risk.

We provide assistance and educational material for the purpose of getting our members out of debt related problems, while also helping them take the most advantage of their Dinar & BitCoin investments and windfalls.

Our next conference call is scheduled for Saturday, December 14th 2013 at 12:00 PM EST.  The call in number is 712-432-0075 PIN 942779# and we will discuss the Dinar, BitCoin and Debt Relief along with tax and investment strategies that many of our new millionaire clients are using.

We wanted to express our appreciation again to IQDCalls.com for listing our call today and say thank you to those who attended and participated.  We hope this information contributes something valuable to the community and we’ll be publishing notes from the call here this weekend.


Singleton Press Conference Call Notes December 14th 2013

Dinar News

Sale of bonds will help manage debt and meet IMF requirements.

Finance & Economic Committees both pushing for the anticipated RV

Council of Ministers positioning themselves to get political credit for RV

Power-sharing or Erbil agreement may now be irrelevant because it may be replaced by the Federation Council (Senate) which has enormous power to fix all problems caused by Maliki. Erbil agreement and NCSP was temporary anyway.

2014 Budget is irrelevant to RV; however, passing the budget will help with GOI liquidity.

A stable GOI is needed, but what does that look like? It might be that the implementation of the Federation Council is the turning point for the formation of the Federation Council and/or qualify the GOI as stable. Who can say for sure, it may also be the implementation of the power-sharing agreement, but this appears to be very unlikely with Maliki in place. I doubt that we are waiting for the elections because of everything that is putting pressure on the need to revalue their currency.

It may be true that the oil and gas law (HCL) cannot be implemented until the currency is revalued, these two may appear at the same time. The same may also be true of the tariff laws. It appears that a portion of the tariff laws will be implemented January 2nd, this adds huge pressure on consumer pricing, more inflation, good for more pressure to revalue.

Maliki was trying to interfere with election candidates by suing them and bring false criminal charges to destroy their eligibility; however, the Integrity Commission denounced this and stated that none of these filings would be recognized and that the elections would proceed as normal.

The revaluation will restore the rate to what it was before the IMF forced the current program rate. It will be adjusted for inflation and newly discovered oil (probably not including the newly discovered gold though). Expect the new rate to more than Kuwait’s, and it’s likely that Kuwait’s rate may be raised as well, by about a quarter (USD). We can expect the Dinar to revalue at a rate between $3.86 and $4.12.


Bitcoin may be a mystery to you today, but it’s very easy to get an understanding just by searching the Internet and watching the many videos about it. Many of the pertinent ones on are the blog. I suggested on the call that you buy some, just like you bought Dinar, buy Bitcoin as soon as possible. The quickest way is using a third party “exchange” such as coinbase.com or blockchain.info. While not the most secure way, it won’t matter since you are only learning with a small amount of money. Then you’ll want to visit bitcoin.org and download the QT Client and wallet, it may take several days to complete and then you are ready to store bitcoins on your computer. There are ways to invest large sums of money into the actual Bitcoin, and stock of companies that are invested in Bitcoin at various positions in the market, such as mining companies, exchanges and other related services. You can follow the price of Bitcoin against any currency at www.preev.com. You will notice that the prices listed at the actual exchanges include the premium and it’s usually about ten percent, this is very high right now but this rate should settle down over time.

Many of our clients have become Bitcoin millionaires these are the principals they like to follow: Get your tax and financial planning team together, look for special tax structures that have tax flow-through and deferment attributes; don’t spend all of your principal and use business credit and infinite banking to help preserve your net worth; find a business broker or two that can bring you new opportunities (cash flows or businesses) to buy in an area that you are knowledgeable. Always share the risks and rewards, just because you have all the cash for a deal, doesn’t mean you should not get loans and partners and investors to go in with you; always have an exit strategy in your plans and follow through with those plans. They also believe that having fun is paramount and that making a profit is not evil but good fortune for everyone involved and making lots of money is the moral thing to do because of the benefits to those involved and future generations.

Extreme Debt Relief

There is no need to voluntarily pay banks or get into payment plans including, settlement, consolidation and even bankruptcy, these are all a waste of money because the Consumer Credit Protection Act only allows one creditor to garnish at a time (assuming they sue you) and you cannot be fired because of this law.

It is very possible to stay in your home for four years without making a single payment, modification or filing bankruptcy. Not one foreclosure in north America is even legal and if you know what documents to file, you can stop the foreclosure while the bank pays your insurance and taxes.

You can stop an IRS levy by filing Form 12153 and then attending the meeting with them and filing Form 656. We have all the instructions on the steps needed so you can get the best results.

There is an example on the blog of how to respond to a debt collection notice. This example has been used many times to actually cause the collection lawsuits to be dismissed in many different states.

John Jay Singleton

Singleton Press



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